Be intentional about family time with a ready-to-go Experience Crate.

Experience Crates involve the whole family. We provide the resources in one box to help make family time fun and engaging.

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Crate of Dates (for 2 adults):

Designed for you and your significant other to spend intentional time together and have fun. Each crate includes 3-4 dates per month! Supplies and instructions included + free shipping!

We take the guesswork and preparation out of quality time! The supplies and instructions ship right to your door each month! All the activities are designed to be done at home (perfect for after the kids go to bed and no sitter needed)!

YOU CHOOSE WHEN TO DO THE ACTIVITIES throughout the month. Each activity's duration is as short or long as desired (average time per activity is 45 minutes). Activities are novel, unique, and engaging.

Activities may include food preparation, competitions, crafts, and games (e.g. making dessert, brain challenge, cookie decorating competition, game night, etc).

Purchase one crate OR a subscription to receive a unique box each month!

Each crate comes with 3-4 dates for 2 adults.

Wacky Celebrations Crate (for a family):

Holidays are a great reason to get the family together to celebrate. Don’t rely on the main holidays alone, let us provide the supplies and instructions to celebrate two wacky holidays every month (examples: National Spaghetti Day January 4th and Appreciate a Dragon Day January 16th).

The perfect EXPERIENCE GIFT for stay at home parents, working parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents to have intentional quality time with the important kids in their lives!

What is Included:

  • 2 Themed Crafts (one for each celebration)

  • 2 Snack Preparation Supplies (one for each celebration)

  • 2-4 Activities (1-2 for each celebration)

  • 2 Instruction Sets (1 for each celebration)

Each activity takes as long as desired (average time per celebration is 60 minutes). Engage the WHOLE FAMILY of ALL AGES (instructions provide suggestions for various-aged kids).

Purchase a subscription to receive a different, unique crate each month! Sign up for next month's crate today! Subscription crates are delivered by the first of each month. Subscriptions may be cancelled 10 days before the next billing date. See Cancellation policy for details.

The crate comes complete with 2 monthly themed celebrations for 3 people (including adults). Select family size before adding the crate to your cart.